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Covid 19 advice and updates

From Monday 6th April 2020 the office will be closed and we will be working from home. We are aiming to maintain our full range of services such as SA Tax Returns, VAT, Book keeping and Payroll so there should be no detrimental effect to any of our clients. Of course we will continue to provide support in regard to COVID-19 issues impacting your circumstances.
We will update this page as HM government advice is updated or changed.

Assured Accountancy Update - Monday 20th April 2020

We understand our clients will need us throughout these uncertain times and want to assure you all that we are doing everything possible to remain available and we aim to continue to provide support to all clients during this difficult time. Keeping you informed of updated information forms part of the support mechanisms we have in place so we have listed below points of contact and general advice to guide you towards any assistance available should the corona virus have a negative impact for you or your business. Here are todays useful links and advice:

The link on the button below has further links for all types of business and general advice. Check daily for changes and additions:

Latest Government Advice

HMRC dedicated helpline for support for business tax: 0800 0159 559

Contact your insurance company to check if insurance cover can provide financial assistance.

Contact your landlord to ask for a rent holiday if you are likely to experience difficulty paying the rent during lock-down.

Contact your mortgage provider for a mortgage payment holiday as soon as you feel it will be difficult or impossible to pay mortgage commitments either personally or as a business. They have dedicated teams now on hand to assist.

Contact your bank/s for any financial assistance they may provide as soon as possible. Also contact your local authority and ask them to delay taking business and or domestic rates payments. The link on the button below has advice on business support:

Business Support

Please can any payroll clients to inform us as soon as corona virus affects you or your staff as we can look into claiming SSP from day 1 through the payroll and will also be processing the furloughing of employees.

Visit Martin Lewis’ website regularly, he has some really helpful pointers:
Money Saving Expert

Please be aware of changes to our arrangements for delivery/collection of paper of paperwork due to the corona virus lockdown. The office is closed but we are working from home and able to process all elements of our services. Always email or telephone Kerry or Val to make arrangements for paperwork delivery/collection.
Emails: &
Look out for future updates on this page.

Covid-19 updates

During the past few weeks we have been exceptionally busy working to provide support to those clients that have contacted us for help regarding how Covid 19 is affecting the financial aspects of their business. Information is currently more available and clear and the following link covers most circumstances:

Our Fees

In regard to our fee charges specifically relating to COVID-19 support we have decided that this is not a time to be profiteering and therefore all COVID-19 assistance will not be charged for. For this reason and in order that we can assist as many of our clients as possible please keeping calls and emails to essential matters only. Please remember as a small business we are impacted upon just as all our clients are so those clients who can please settle your account promptly. All other services will be charged in line with our normal fee rates and if any clients need time to pay please contact us.

Minimising Contact

We ask that telephone calls be kept to an absolute minimum. Our contact details are in the website footer so please email to arrange collection/delivery of paperwork for processing and also if you have any queries so that we can deal with them accordingly.  We will ensure that phone calls are diverted to our mobiles, however, again we ask that contact by telephone be the last option.

Important Reference Points

We have compiled a list of important advice from HM Government and other financial institutes. We will update the document in line with any further advice or changes that are announced. You can download a PDF copy using the button below.

We hope that all our clients and contacts remain safe and well at this time. The business landscape the other side of this pandemic will be different to what it is today, we'll do all we can to help businesses adjust and find their feet again.

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